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Shooting Games List

Ball shooting games is the most popular category on our basketball gaming portal. Shooting is a common discipline performed during a basketball match. Here is your chance to train this awesome skill! A player who is in the possession of the ball can either pass it to a teammate or shoot it for a chance of scoring a basket. The ball can be shot from many different positions on the basketball court.

Types of Basketball Shooting Games

You can shoot the ball using many different ways and techniques and it can be done in various situations. Shots performed from the three-point line are called 3-pointers. Games where you shoot from a short distance and smash the ball directly to the basket are basketball dunking games. Another popular type of ball shooting games is a free throw game in which you perform free throws after a foul.

Play Other Ball Shooting Games

There are other awesome team sports where you can shoot the ball like in basketball. Most famous ones are football and baseball. You can now enjoy all these different kinds of ball shooting and kicking games online for free on our Rugby Games, Football Games and Baseball Games websites! Apart from that, we have launched Hockey Games site which offers dozens of fantastic puck shooting games!