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Physics games are those basketball games online that mix some physical aspects of the gameplay such as speed and gravity. In a basketball physics game, you will interact with objects of various shapes and sizes. Your objective is to shoot or throw the ball and overcome obstacles blocking the way. These games usually have simple graphics but they are some of the most addictive basketball games.

Examples of Physics Basketball Games

Only a small portion of the games on our website are actually physics games. This doesn’t make them any worse then others. Whether you like some ball dribbling or basket shooting, these games have it all! Most of them are also available for your mobile phone! The most popular game in this category is Basketball Physics. Another great title is simply called Basket & Ball. Lets have some fun with physics!

Play More Sports Games with Physics

If you are a fan of physics basketball games online you may also like some different sports games categories with physics. All these games feature awesome mechanics and they were made using the latest technology. Just visit our Football Games and Hockey Games websites, they both have the latest and greatest sports games with elements of physics and you can enjoy playing them completely for free!