Nifty Hoopers


nifty hoopersNifty Hoopers is a super-fun basketball game online in which you will compete on the World Cup! Select one of the 16 national teams, go through the play-offs and try to become the champion. You can play as the USA, Canada, Australia, Greece, Spain, Argentina, etc. Use your mouse to play the game. Tap anywhere on the screen, when the pointer is in the green zone, to score a basket. Tap when the pointer is in the blue zone to trick the opponent. Watch the opponent as he is confused and shoot as quickly as possible. Score enough points before the time runs out to win the match. The difficulty level will be easy at the beginning, but it will become harder as you progress in the game. You will have to score more points in the semi-finals and finals. The strength of each team is indicated on the player’s jersey. Can you beat all teams in the play-offs and win the World Cup in this cool basketball game online called Nifty Hoopers?

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