Nick Basketball Stars 3


nick basketball stars 3Nick Basketball Stars are back with the 3rd installment. In the Nick Basketball Stars 3 game online, your objective is to help your favorite Nickelodeon hero score as many baskets as possible. There are 8 characters to choose from including Lynn and Lincoln Loud, Patrick Star, and SpongeBob Squarepants. Pick a hero, put on your jersey and enter the competition. Jump in the air, bounce off trampolines and perform dunks to earn points. Use your left and right arrow keys to move. Press your up arrow to jump. Press your space bar to shoot or steal the ball. Scoring a normal basket gives you one point, scoring a super-dunk gives you five points. Try to outscore your opponents by at least one point to win the match. The score is displayed at the top of the screen. The leading player will have a crown above their head. Let’s see how many points you can score in this awesome basketball game called Nick Basketball Stars.

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