Multi Hoops


multi hoopsMulti Hoops is a game from Mousebreaker that is very similar to the famous Sports Heads series that are so popular on our Basketball Games website. This time your goal is to score as many points as possible into the moving baskets. Time your throw perfectly and try to put the ball into multiple baskets at once for a higher score. You can choose from either 1 player mode or 2 player mode. Use your arrow keys to play as player 1, or W,A,D keys to play as player 2. Each scored basket gives you a different amount of points. There are additional bonuses that can be activated such as multiple balls, large hoops, bonus points etc. You can slow down and speed up the hoops, freeze your opponent or reduce the points he gets. All these features makes this game super fun to play and will guarantee that you will never get bored. How many times can you score in a row in this super cool free throw shooting game online called Multi Hoops?

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