Epic Ninja B-Ball Moves


epic ninja b ball movesEpic Ninja B-Ball Moves is an online basketball game inspired by the famous martial arts comedy television series called Kickin’ It, that was created by Disney. You are invited to an exclusive basketball tournament, reserved for only the most worthy adversaries in the World. Come to the Shaolin dojo and prepare for battle. But this is not an ordinary tournament. Each of the competing teams will have to use their martial arts training and try to win the match in an epic game of basketball! Use arrow keys to move your character around the basketball court. Press X key to pass the ball or to switch to a different player. Hold C key and release it to shoot the ball towards the basket, or just press it shortly to perform a dunk or block your opponent. Hit space bar for epic ninja move. There are 2 game modes in Epic Ninja B-Ball Moves basketball game online. Can you beat all opponent teams and become the winner of the competition?

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