Basketball Physics


basketball physicsBasketball Physics is an addicting 2 player basketball game online with funny looking big-headed characters and elements of physics. You can either play against a PC opponent or challenge your friend in this game! Select one of the two game modes, jump onto the field and start playing a 2v2 match. Wait for the ball to fall down and use your left mouse button to jump, catch the ball and throw it towards the basket to score points. Try to block the shots of the opponent players and steal the ball. In the two-player mode, the controls are different: As player 1, use your Z key to play. As player 2, use your M key to play. The score of the match is displayed on the top of the screen. First team to score 5 points wins the match. Enter the shop from the main menu to change your players and unlock new balls. There is 20 characters to choose from and 10 balls to play with. Can you outscore your opponents in this super-cool basketball game?

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