Basketball Legends


basketball legendsBasketball Legends is a great two player basketball game online in which you will get a chance to play with the most famous NBA stars such as LeBron James, Derrick Williams, Steph Curry and others. Become one of those skillful basketball players that perform crazy tricks and score insane baskets that are so cool to watch on TV and live matches! Play many different game modes such as Tournament, Random Match or Training and collect achievements as a reward for scoring hoops, winning games, blocking shots and stealing the ball. Use your left and right arrows to move your player around the basketball court. Press the arrows twice for a dash. Use down arrow to pump or block, X to shoot/dunk or steal the ball, Z for the Super Shot. Watch the meter on the top of the screen and once it is full, you can make the Super Shot (monster dunk). Let’s challenge a friend, get the highest score possible and become a basketball legend!

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