Basket Swooshes


basket swooshesBasket Swooshes is a basketball championship game online that will let you play for one of the best national teams. Choose from 32 different basketball teams such as the USA or Argentina and enter the tournament. Perform in a one-on-one free throw shooting competition and score as many points as you can to win each match. Try to be the top team of the group stage to advance into the play-offs. Beat all opponents in the play-off tree to become the new world champion. Use your mouse to play this game. Move your cursor into any direction to set the power and trajectory of the shot. Click using your left mouse button to launch the ball and perform a free throw. You will earn 10 stars for each successfully scored basket. The first player to score 11 points wins the match. Matches are played in real time, so you will have to be really fast to outperform your opponent. Do you have what it takes to win the championship?

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