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Two-player games are free online games that can be played by 2 or more players on the same system. These games are popular among kids and they are unblocked for school. Both players compete against each other in a one-on-one competition. The player who scores the most points is the winner of the match, the other one is the loser. Each of the players uses a separate set of keys on the keyboard.

Two Player Basketball Games

Our basketball games website has a huge collection of the best two-player basketball games online that can be played on the same PC. One of the most fun to play basketball games for two is Basketball Legends game online. In this phenomenal two-player basketball game, you will have a chance to become one of the top NBA’s superstars and perform crazy dunks or block the ball to win the match.

Play More Sports Games for Two

Every sports games category has some interesting games for 2 players. This is especially true in the case of team sports. There are many kinds of collective sports such as football or hockey, where multiple players can challenge each other. Check out our Football Games and Hockey Games for Two to find some additional titles in this awesome category and play against your mate, friend or family member!