Basketball Games Online

Basketball Games Online are popular team sports games that everybody loves to play. These free games for kids are unblocked at school and college. They are highly addicting and fun. At, you can enjoy dozens of NBA games, free throw shooting games and dunking competitions! Choose your favorite title today and show off your basketball skills. The world's most prestigious basketball competition is called the National Basketball League and it takes place in the USA and Canada. In a basketball game online, your mission is to play group matches and qualify for the playoffs for a chance to win the cup. Try to become the best player of the 2024 NBA season and have a wonderful career. Or maybe you would rather like to compete in the International Basketball Championship? No problem! We have every basketball game imaginable! So what are you waiting for? Put on your jersey and jump right into the match! Run around the court, dribble the ball, shoot some 3-pointers and earn points. The more baskets you score the higher experience you get. Help your team to beat all opponents and become a basketball legend!

Types of Basketball Games

Our basketball games website offers hundreds of free online basketball games that you can play on your PC and mobile. These little applications are super fun to play and you can simply launch them in your browser. No download is needed! Some of the most popular categories are free throw games, dunking games and 2 player games. A great example of a cool free throw shooting game online is the World Basketball Championship, where you will compete in an international tournament by shooting free throws and scoring hoops. The most awesome dunking game online is called NBA Hoop Troop and it will let you train your jumping skills and dunks, all in beautiful 3D graphics! For those who would like to challenge their friend in a one-on-one match, we have plenty of basketball games for two. There is nothing better than sharing the fun with your mate while playing an online game! Some of the top 2 player basketball games are called Nick Basketball Stars and Basketball Physics. No matter which game you choose, you will have lots of fun playing it. Whether you are a fan of NBA games or simple ball shooting games, we have them all!

Other Team Sports Games

As you are already a fan of free basketball games online, you might also be interested in other team sports game categories. For this reason, we have created a collection of online sports games that can be all played for free on your computer. If you like lots of ice and fast-paced action, check out our Hockey Games site, where you will find tons of awesome ice hockey games. Play this fantastic winter sport, become an NHL player and improve your ice skating skills. If you prefer grassy fields and sunny weather, you might be interested in playing some of our Football Games, Rugby Games and Baseball Games. In these great summer sports games online, you will have a chance to show off your ball-handling skills in huge stadiums under the blue sky! You can find any kind of field running games and ball-kicking games on these cool websites. No matter which one of these team sports categories you choose, they will all keep you entertained for a long time, we promise! All fans of individual sports can now check out our newest sites about Parkour Games and Fighting Games, which will let you train your body movements and dexterity.