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Unblocked Games List

Unblocked games is a type of free online games that used to be blocked before. Blocking games is a well known activity being done by institutions to prevent online gaming at school. We unblock these applications so you can freely enjoy playing them anytime and anywhere you want to. Any blocks that were previously made are now removed and the games are finally accessible to everyone for free!

Unblocked Basketball Games

We believe in total freedom, that’s why our basketball games site offers hundreds of unblocked basketball games for school. You might wonder, why anyone would block these awesome sports games. There is nothing wrong about playing some fun little apps that can improve reflexes. Anyway, check out some titles such as Basketball Legends Unblocked or Head Basketball Unblocked and have fun!

Play All Sports Games Unblocked

Unblocking all sports games that are available on the internet is our number one priority. These online games are so good that it would be a pity not being able to play them. And we are not only talking about basketball. Just take a look at Hockey Games, Football Games and Baseball Games. So many awesome categories of sports and you are now able to play them all for free and unblocked every day!