Nick Basketball Stars


nick basketball starsNick Basketball Stars is a fantastic basketball match game brought to you by Nickelodeon. Have you ever dreamed of playing as one of the famous cartoon characters such as teenage mutant ninja turtles, SpongeBob, Patrick, or Sanjay? Here you have a chance to do so! There are 16 characters and 3 game modes to chose from in Nick Basketball Stars game! Choose your favorite player, select one of the available game modes: Tournament, Random Match, or Hall of Fame and start playing the competition. Complete each match to unlock next level. Use your left and right arrow keys to move your player around the basketball court. Press up arrow to jump and press it once again while in the air to perform a double jump. Press your space bar to attack your opponent while you are in defense. Get as close as possible to the basket and perform a dunk. You can activate the special ability called Mega-dunk once it’s full. Can you win all matches?

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