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Dunking games are a category of basketball shooting games and you can enjoy playing them for free on our basketball gaming site. Making a dunk is a little bit different than shooting a free throw. When playing a dunking game, your mission is to run around the court while bouncing the ball off the ground and then perform a jump to smash the ball into the basket from the shortest distance possible.

Examples of Dunking Games

At BasketballGames.org, we have published a collection of the greatest ball dunking games that are available on the internet. You will have a chance to become a dunking machine and score dozens of crazy slam dunks! Our recommended games in this category are Basketball.io Game and Basketball Stars. These two titles are just an example of what all these super-fun basketball dunking games can offer!

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Dunking and basketball in general is an extremely popular sport that everyone loves to play and watch in television. If you are one of the biggest enthusiasts of this sport, you will surely like to try out other different team sports categories. That’s why we have created our Football Games, Baseball Games and Rugby Games sites, where you will find the hottest sports games online that are free to play forever!