Blumgi Ball


blumgi ballBlumgi Ball is a crazy basketball game online with elements of physics. It is a perfect combination of a sports game, puzzle game and platformer. Your objective is to score baskets by perfectly calculating the power of your shot. You will have to use your brain and think strategically before throwing the ball. Because, there are various objects blocking your way, which you will have to overcome. Make use of the surroundings and bounce the ball off the walls when needed. Click and drag your mouse into any direction to start throwing the ball. Release the button to make a free throw and launch the ball towards the basket. Press space bar to teleport your character closer to the ball, so he can perform a dunk. You can slow down time if you click and hold your mouse button while having ball possession, which will make it easier to aim. In the Blumgi Ball game online, you will unlock new characters as you progress through the levels.

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