Basketball Slam Dunk


basketball slam dunkBasketball Slam Dunk is a new two player basketball game online with minimalist retro graphics and elements of physics. Take the control of a cool pixelated character, play one-on-one basketball matches and perform slam dunks to please the crowds. Move player 1 using your A and D keys, throw the ball towards the basket using your W key. Control player 2 with your left, right and up arrow keys. Perform crazy moves, show some interesting slam dunks and try to win the match by outscoring your opponent. You can block the opponent’s dunks by jumping into his shots. Steal the ball with your rotating hand, make a turnover and score hoops as quickly as possible. Don’t let the opponent earn more points than you, otherwise you will lose the game. The score of the match is displayed on the scoreboard on top of the arena. How many times can you win in this fantastic free basketball game online called Basketball Slam Dunk?

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