Arcade Basketball


arcade basketballIf you are a fan of those classic old-school arcade basketball machines, then this online free throw shooting game is definitely the right choice for you! Play this little shootout competition game called Arcade Basketball and try to score as many baskets as you can within the given time limit. In each level, you will have to successfully score a specified number of baskets to be able to advance into the next level. You earn coins as a reward for scoring points and there is a possibility to spend them for new balls. Enter the shop by clicking at the button in the main menu. The game offers 20 super-cool colorful basketballs with many different kinds of graphic designs. Click at any of the balls laying if front of you and hold your cursor, then swipe up and release it to perform a shot and launch the ball towards the basket. Let’s see how many hoops can you score in this super fun free throw shooting sports game online called Arcade Basketball.

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